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Public Consultation


Call for Public Inputs on GCC Methodologies

As per GCC Program Processes Document:

Draft GCC methodologies shall be made available on the GCC website for public consultation for a period of 15 calendar days, after which the GCC Operations Team shall revise the methodology taking into account received public inputs.

Public stakeholders are invited to provide their views and comments on the baseline and monitoring methodologies listed in the following table in accordance GCC Program Processes document

Public comments shall be taken into account while developing a recommendation for Steering Committee of GCC.

Please provide the comments in the GCC document commenting sheet format and send to Global Carbon Council via email:

Call for Public Inputs

Methodology No. Title of Methodology Date of Launch
of Call for Inputs
Date of Validity
of Call for Inputs
GCCM001 Methodology for Grid Connected Renewable Energy Generation Project 25 Nov 2019 12.00 AM,
10 Dec 2019
Comment 1
Comment 2
GCCM002 Methodology for Energy Efficient Pumping Projects 4 Dec 2019 12.00 AM,
19 Dec 2019
No comments were received