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Regional Carbon Pricing & Markets Virtual Series - Middle East & North Africa Edition (MENA)

14 Jan 2021

Regional Carbon Pricing & Markets Virtual Series - MENA

This Middle East & North Africa Edition of the Regional Carbon Pricing & Markets Virtual Series is jointly organized by IETA and the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) & World Bank.

Designing policies and programs to adapt to changing market dynamics over the next decade will involve taking into account emerging domestic programs as well as a new phase in international trading. This event will provide regional country updates on Carbon Pricing, what are the current developments and future opportunities. We will also dive into the business community perspective. Dialogue between the public and private sector as well as conversations among companies will influence how and when economies get on a downward GHG trajectory.

The voluntary carbon market has an important role to play in delivering the goals of the Paris Agreement and supporting the journey to Net Zero. This event includes insights on voluntary carbon market trends, new developments and initiatives in the market, as well as a discussion about post-2020 outcomes and challenges.

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Jeannette Ramirez for Angela Naneu Churie Kallhauge, Head of Secretariat - CPLC

Part 1: Leaders Dialogue

Moderator & Introductory Remarks: Dirk Forrister, President & CEO – IETA
Speaker: Gauri Singh, Deputy Director General - IRENA

Part 2: Unlocking the Potential for Carbon Pricing and Market Engagement in the Mena Region

This session will discuss how carbon pricing and markets can contribute to the climate transition in the Mena region. It will draw on the experiences from Jordan and those of Dubai Carbon, a Leading organization focusing on the transition to a low carbon and green economy. The speakers will reflect on the key elements that can contribute successful use of carbon markets in the region, areas of specific potential, and how carbon pricing and markets can leverage investments and actions to strengthen efforts to build green economies in the region.

Moderator & Introductory Remarks: Tanzeed Alam, Managing Director - Earth Matters

  • Belal Shqarin, Director, Climate Change Directorate – Ministry of Environment, Jordan
  • Ivano Lannelli, CEO - Dubai Carbon
  • Grzegorz Peszko, Senior Environmental Economist - World Bank

Part 3: Corporate Engagement - Getting Economies on a Downward GHG Trajectory

The business community has proven to be key in driving climate action and in helping to develop an effective and efficient suite of low carbon incentive policies. All sectors of the economy are facing increasing pressure to step up their action on climate change. In many instances, private sector actions and commitments are moving fast. This session will hear from corporations across the MENA region, and the role of the private sector in driving climate action, what they are doing to address their emissions, and how carbon markets are helping.

Moderator & Introductory Remarks: Waddah Ghanem, Honorary Chairman, Energy Institute – Middle East

  • Kishor Rajhansa, Director, Technical & Strategy - Global Carbon Council
  • Ghassan Afiouni, Founding Partner Inventor - Steel Wood Industries
  • William Pazos, Co-Founder & COO - AirCarbon Exchange

Wrap up & Closing Address

Stefano De Clara, Director, International Policy – IETA