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Call For Inputs For Global Stakeholder Consultation On GCC Projects

As per GCC Program Processes Document:

  • Once a project is deemed submitted, the GCC Operations Team shall make it publicly available on the GCC website for Global Stakeholder Consultation for 15 calendar days and shall invite comments from stakeholders;
  • During Global Stakeholder Consultations, input is invited from stakeholders globally. For Type A projects, inputs can address any technical, social, environmental, SDG, economic, regulatory or policy aspect(s) of a project. For Type B1 projects, inputs shall be limited to concerns about environmental, social and SDG aspects of a project.

In accordance with the above requirements, public stakeholders’ comments are invited on GCC projects.

Public comments shall be taken into account by GCC verifiers in their Project Verification and also be GCC Operations Team and GCC Steering Committee in taking final decision on the project.

Please provide the comments in the Project commenting sheet format and send to Global Carbon Council via email:

Call for Public Inputs

Project Submission No. Title of Submitted Project Date of Launch
of Call for Inputs for
Global Stakeholder
Consultation on Project
Date of Validity
of Call for Inputs
S00001 Alibey WPP 20 Sep 2020 12.00 AM,
4 Oct 2020
No comments were received
S00002 Ova Hydro Power Plant Power Plant 12 Oct 2020 2400 Hrs, Qatar Time,
26 Oct 2020
No comments were received
S00003 Derinkuyu Solar Power Plant Bundle 25 Dec 2020 2400 Hrs, Qatar Time,
8 Jan 2021
No comments were received